Uvex HydroShield™ Anti-Fog Lens Coating: Technology

Posted by Jesse Gartner on

TODAY’S ANTI-FOG Regardless of industry, application or environment, foggy lenses are the number one challenge that users of safety eyewear face on the job. Foggy lenses expose workers to serious injury and significantly decrease productivity. Lenses fog for a number of reasons, all of which are related to temperature and humidity. When sudden changes in temperature occur, small pockets of moisture condense on the lens, causing a hazy-white fog to form, often immediately. The most common causes of fogging include: • Transitioning between warm and cool environments • Physical activity and exertion • Handling materials with fluctuating temperatures • Environmental and weather conditions

ANTI-FOG RE-ENGINEERED HydroShield anti-fog coating is now available in a greater selection of Uvex safety eyewear models and tints to keep you fog free longer than ever before. The dual action HydroShield anti-fog lens coating provides up to 60X longer lasting fog-free performance - even after extended wear and repeated cleanings – and provides 2X greater scratch-resistance* than our next best anti-fog coating. HydroShield performance is based on independent lab tests when compared to median test results of other Uvex anti-fog coated products under the EN166 and EN168 testing standards

Requiring NO application and NO maintenance, HydroShield is permanently bonded to both sides of the lens, and will not wear off or wash off after repeated cleanings or extended wear. Featuring dual-action properties, HydroShield keeps lenses clear by first absorbing, and then repelling moisture to the sides of the lens once a saturation point has been reached.