Optrel e670 Welding Helmets


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  • Patented telescoping headgear provides maximum field of view and balance
  • Sliding sensor bar is a must for production welding applications
  • Variable sensitivity control to configure arc detection sensors
  • Solar powered with replaceable lithium batteries for maximum possible service life
  • Exterior control panel for convenient configuration without removing your helmet
  • Grind mode, a must for grinding and very handy for plasma cutting ;
  • Compliant with CSA standard Z94.3; ; e670
  • 9 through 13 automatic and manual shade control
  • Automatic control offers hands free operation, automatically changes shade based on the intensity of the arc
  • Approved for overhead welding


Colour: Black Matte 

Viewing Area: 3.94" x 1.97"

Shade Level: 9 - 13

Viewing Area: 2" x 4"